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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What was BeerMogul?

So you didn't get a chance to play BeerMogul? What was it? I set out to build a sim game that would be 100% browser based, that people could play in 3 minutes a day, but it had to have enough depth to keep you interested if you wanted to invest more time. When players join they get $1M BeerBucks, and they can use this to buy a pub or a brewery. Features can then be purchased to make the property more productive (breweries) or more attractive to punters (pubs). Features were of varying quality and would impact the business in positive and negative ways.

Breweries could create new beer brands, then establish production schedules for them. Each BeerDay (the same length as a real day) the production schedules would be processed, and depending on the features installed in the brewery (and other random events) a number of bottles would be produced.

Brewery owners could then list their new products on the BeerMarket for immediate sale, or for inclusion in a delivery contract. Pub owners could purchase products from the BeerMarket to stock their cellars, then set the retail prices for sale.

The same nightly process that tended to the production schedules also processed events for the pubs - depending on their features (and other random events) - in order to determine how many punters would go to a given pub, and how much beer they would buy.


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