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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tapping the Keg (Part 3)

Wow - people are actually using the system - how cool is this!

Bug reports came through thick & fast as the number of user registrations grew, but things seems to plateau at about 600 users - looking for inspiration I threw together a quick single page press release (from memory based on one produced by a real game manufacturer), and sent it off the in the hope of generating some more activity.

In a few days the registrations had doubled - gamespot were obviously syndicating their content, so my humble little press release was popping up all over the planet - I even saw it translated into Russian at one point.

Well I think that's probably enough keg tapping at this point - the game was up and running and starting to generate some serious traffic - over a 12 month period over 15,000 players would register to play the game - lets move onto talking about the actual game now...


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